Seminár Ústavu informatiky


Modeling the reference frame of the visual calibration of auditory space

Ing. Peter Lokša
Ústav informatiky, PF UPJŠ

27. novembra 2019 (streda) o 13:00
LIDA, SJ2S07 (3.16T), PF UPJŠ


Visual calibration of auditory space requires re-alignment of representations differing in (1) format (auditory hemispheric channels vs visual maps) and (2) reference frames (head-centered vs eye-centered). Here, first, an experiment is presented using a ventriloquism paradigm from Kopčo, Lin, Shinn-Cunningham, and Groh [J. Neurosci. 29, 13809–13814 (2009)] to examine these processes in humans for ventriloquism induced within one spatial hemifield. Results show that (1) the auditory representation can be adapted even by aligned audio-visual stimuli, and (2) the spatial reference frame is primarily head-centered, with a weak eye-centered modulation. Second, these results are modelled. We tried 4 different types of models of which common property was co-effect of so called a priori bias and AV-effect, but the differences between the models reside in type of the AV-effect.