Seminár Ústavu informatiky


Streaming and sound localization with a preceding distractor

doc. RNDr. Gabriela Andrejková, CSc.
Ústav informatiky, PF UPJŠ

1. marca 2017 (streda) o 13:35
SJ2S07 (3.16T), PF UPJŠ


Localization of a 2-ms-click target was previously shown to be influenced by a preceding identical distractor for inter-click-intervals up to 400 ms (Kopčo et al., JASA, 121). In the present analysis, two experiments examined whether perceptual organization plays a role this effect. The distractor was designed either to be grouped with the target (a single-click distractor) or to be processed in a separate stream (an 8-click train) in the prepared experiments. The two distractors affected performance differently, both in terms of bias and variance, confirming that 8 grouping and streaming play a role in localization in multisource environments.

The paper is prepared by Norbert Kopčo, Gabriela Andrejková, Virginia Best and Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, and it is under review in JASA EL.