Seminár Ústavu informatiky


The temporal profile of contextual plasticity in sound localization

doc. RNDr. Gabriela Andrejková, CSc. a doc. Ing. Norbert Kopčo, PhD.
Ústav informatiky, PF UPJŠ

18. mája 2016 (streda) o 13:30
SA1C03 (P/03), PF UPJŠ


This study examines the temporal properties of a new form of auditory spatial plasticity called contextual plasticity. The contextual plasticity is a result of adaptation on the time scale of tens of seconds to minutes, but also shows changes at the scale of seconds. The study analyzes behavioral data from an experimental study in which horizontal-plane sound localization was examined in anechoic and reverberant environments . The results suggest that contextual plasticity has a bi-stable component that is strongly adaptive on the time scale of seconds, while overall the effect is building up over tens of seconds/minutes.